Monthly Archives: January 2006

VNCpwdump updated

I found the time to update the vncpwdump tool to support RealVNC 4. Better late then never I guess. I have recieved several request for adding support for password change. This functionality is also included in this release.


The server is finally up and running. Just some minor modifications, restore of the tools and apropriate information and we should be all set. Ok, so I think most the stuff is back online. The old links are still not handled by the webserver, I’ll look at that tomorrow.

New format

Haveing the possibility of setting up everything from “scratch” I decided on trying a new format of the cqure website. As everyone but me has their own weblog I decided to give blogging a try. Judgeing by the update frequency of the old site, I guess you shouldn’t be expecting much content though 🙂 The tools will be made available once the server is up and running again under the “pages” title on the right hand side. I’ll configure Apache so that it will handle the old links available from different websites and google. I’ve ditched the advisories section as it was old and not updated with the latest stuff I’ve found. If I’ll find anything new worth mentioning I’ll blog it.

New server continued…

Hmm. It seams as if there was some misscommunication regarding the server and it was delivered directly to the hosting company instead of me. Unfortunately it looks as if I will be waiting until Monday before they install it in it’s rack. Once installed in the rack, it needs to have Linux installed and configured. So hopefully it will be up and running by Monday evening CET, given everything works out fine when doing the remote installation.

New server

I ordered a new server as the old one died a few days ago. It should have been delivered today and I am wondering if there was something wrong/out of stock in the order. Hopefully I will get hold of the guys tomorrow to see what’s wrong.