Monthly Archives: October 2006

PGP Desktop 9.5

So PGP Desktop 9.5 was finally released. Some eagerly awaited features have finally been added, such as the expanding virtual disks and partion based whole disk encryption. This would allow me to have a single package for e-mail, file and disk encryption on my laptop which would be great as my reiserfs partitions have been a show stopper before. To bad I have one of those Sony Vaios that you have to dissasemble to atoms for changing the harddrive. Uninstalling my current disk encryption software in order to find out that the new one is not what I expected is also out of the question. So could anyone try it out and tell me if it’s worth the hassle? 😉

It would also be interesting to know if the interoperability with NOD32 has been adressed as the two software packages have had some problems before, at least if you installed NOD32 after you installed PGP 9. The packages install their own Layered Socket Providers (LSP) which evidently conflict with each other as svchost.exe and a bunch of other processes start crashing after the post installation reboot. The only solution I found to the problem was to remove the PGP LSP with the consequences of loosing the automatic outgoing encryption. I used LSP-fix to remove my PGP LSPs but would only recommend this solution to someone that knows what he’s doing.