Monthly Archives: September 2008

Extracting information from OScanner reports

Even though I have barely touched oscanner for the last couple of years quite a few apparently still use it as a basic scanner against Oracle. Some have complained a bit about the annoying XML reporting format. Some have complained even more, mostly about the hassle of getting any of the discovered users, passwords and version information out of the report.

Therefore, four years after the initial release, I am releasing two small utilities. One that extracts a semicolon separated list of the hostname, instance, username and password from a given report file. The other tool simply prints the hostname and the first line from version banner retrieved from the database.

Installation is simple. Download the zip file to the oscanner installation directory an unzip it. The new tools take a single argument, the oscanner logfile:

java cqure.repeng.ExtractVersion oscanner_localhost_report.xml
java cqure.repeng.ExtractPasswords oscanner_localhost_report.xml

The tools are available here and have had very little testing, so don’t expect to much 🙂