Monthly Archives: December 2009

kerberos-get-realm script

I created a new Nmap script today that attempts to discover the Kerberos realm and the server time. It does this by sending an incorrect AS-REQ request to the server. The Microsoft implementation of Kerberos responds with an error packet containing the correct Realm name. On systems with other implementation, the server time alone is returned. The script works against both TCP and UDP. It’s available for download at the dedicated nmap-scripts page over here.

Nmap 5.10-BETA2

Nmap 5.10-BETA2 was released by Fyodor as a X-mas present the other day. I was pleased to see that almost all of my scripts made it into this version. The remaining one, oracle-sid-brute, made it into SVN just a few minutes ago 🙂

For the full changelog of Nmap 5.10-BETA2 have a look here.

Nmap oracle-sid-brute v0.2 released

I have created a new Nmap script that attempts to determine valid Oracle instance names by guessing names from a dictionary against the TNS-listener. It’s available, together with my other scripts, from the nmap scripts page.

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Nmap script page

I just finished a dedicated page for the scripts I have created for Nmap. It’s available over here and contains the name of the scripts and brief descriptions of what they do. New scripts and versions will be announced here on the blog and the page will be updated accordingly. All scripts are available for download.