db2utils is a small collection of db2 utilities. It currently features three different tools db2disco, db2fakesrv and db2getprofile.

db2disco is used to discover hosts running db2 on the network. It sends an UDP discovery packet either to the broadcast address or to a specific host and collects information regarding the hostname and db2 version.

db2fakesrv responds to discovery packets with a forged hostname and version. The tool was initially written to test the discovery program.

db2getprofile fetches the “DB2 Server Database Access Profile” from the server. This profile contains information about local and remote database instances known to the server.

The tools have been tested and are known to work in both Linux and Windows.

Source version 0.21 db2utils-src-0_21.tar.gz
Binary version 0.21 db2utils-win32-0_21.zip

db2utils were developed by Patrik Karlsson.