The SMB Auditing Tool is a password auditing tool for the Windows-and the SMB-platform. It makes it possible to exploit the timeout architecture bug in Windows 2000/XP, making it extremly fast to guess passwords on these platforms. Running a large password file against Windows 2000/XP, shows statistics up to 1200 logins/sec. This means that you could run a commonly used English dictionary with 53 000 words against a server under a minute.

* Scan hosts for active SMB servers (ie. not only if port is open)
* Automatic enumeration of users
* Support for full automatic mode
* Fast analysis of Windows 2000/XP servers
* Support for SMB over Netbios
* Support for native SMB over port 445
* Compiles on Linux/BSD
* Win32 support with Cygwin

News in version 1.0.4
* Bugfixes šŸ™‚
* Added smbserverscan tool. This tool scans ports 139 and 445 for active SMB server.
* Added timeout to most tools, so that they will *not* “hang” scanning firewalled hosts.

Please report bugs and/or suggestions to:

Version 1.0.7 source smbat-src-1.0.7.tar.gz
Version 1.0.4 binary

SMB Auditing Tool (SMBAT) was developed by Patrik Karlsson.